Our Services


May include:

  • Pre-purchase examination and general advice on purchasing cats and dogs
  • Overall medical examination and treatment
  • Administering vaccinations and advice on vaccine protocols
  • De-worming and flea treatments
  • Advice on behaviour and treatment options
  • Advice and diets for weight management
  • Microchipping

We use the latest digital x-ray systems for taking quality radiographs for any body parts.

  • These provide high-quality images with reduced radiation exposure
  • They are quick to obtain and can be stored digitally
  • Contrast Radiography-barium studies can be conducted – allowing for a look into gastrointestinal issues in your pets

Dental care is vital in ensuring your pet remains healthy. Our full range of dental care can help prevent dental disease, which could result in other health issues for your pets. Our dental care ranges from de-scaling, extractions and polishing. We also provide general advice on oral hygiene and preventative tooth care.


The clinic is equipped to deal with both basic and advanced surgeries.

  • Modern anaesthetic drugs and equipment to ensure a safe procedure
  • Sophisticated monitoring equipment
  • Safe, minimal pain de-sexing

Surgeries include:

  • Cats and dogs spay and neuter
  • Lumpectomy (Lump surgeries)
  • Range of orthopaedic procedures
  • Cruciate surgery
Special Services
Diagnostic Facilities

Our diagnostic facilities allow for a thorough examination of your pet resulting in a well-informed diagnosis for your pets. These facilities include:

  • Vetscan blood analyser – blood samples analysed in-house 
  • Vetscan chemistry and haematology analyser 
  • X-ray Digital processor provides us with high quality, detailed images at a fraction of the time 
  • Tie-up with Gribble veterinary pathology for a wide variety of blood tests 
Vaccination and Micro-chipping
  • We recommend and administer vaccination for all pets to help protect against potentially fatal diseases 
  • Microchipping is a permanent form of identification for your pet. The Microchip is inserted at the back of the neck under the skin like an injection 
  • We can insert a Microchip during a regular veterinary consultation 
  • Painless, stress-free euthanisation
  • Cremations are done by specialist pet crematorium
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