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Just like humans, animals require the best care. Your pets need veterinary specialists to treat them when advanced care is necessary. At Huapai, our team of veterinarians ensures that your pets receive the best treatment possible. We offer a range of routine and emergency surgical services, including De-sexing, Lumpectomy, and many more. In addition, we are equipped with a range of modern instruments, from anesthetic equipment to intensive monitoring tools.

Our expert pet surgical services include


De-sexing, often known as spaying and neutering, are surgical procedures to prevent pets from reproducing. In male animals, neutering involves removal of testicles. In female animals, spaying involves removal of ovaries or both uterus and ovaries. Spaying and neutering also have health and behavioural benefits for your pet.of Pets, especially dogs and cats, are prone to life-threatening diseases like testicular cancer, prostate problem, ovarian and uterine cancer, pyometra. Neutering makes dogs calmer and less likely to bite and attack. Spaying ends the heat cycles in the female animals which helps in managing unwanted behavioural changes including possible aggression. Our specialized veterinary surgeons de-sex your pets under anesthesia with complete safety and minimal pain, lowering the risk of these diseases.

Lumpectomy (Lump surgeries)

Lumpectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a suspicious lump, mass or tumor that can be on the skin surface or below the skin surface. Our expert veterinarians perform lumpectomy procedures on your pet after thorough examinations and necessary tests. Everything is done under proper anesthesia to keep your pet unconscious and relaxed. Even after the procedure, we continue carefully monitoring and caring for your dogs.

Cruciate surgery

When you notice an uncommon stiffness in your pet’s movements, it might be due to ACL injury, i.e., anterior cruciate ligament injury. Without proper treatment, there is a high chance that the injury can become progressively worse. This surgery is recommended as soon as possible to reduce permanent, irreversible joint damage and relieve pain. It is time to bring your pet under our supervision. Our cruciate surgeons will perform all the necessary tests, analyze the whole case and then perform the required treatment. Don’t worry; we will keep them under our proper care and supervision during the lengthy process.

Orthopedic services

Our clinic has a team of orthopedic surgeons who are highly skilled and qualified to offer the best solutions for your pets. Orthopedic surgery is a broad term for surgical repair of the joint or the. Fractures are the most common orthopedic issue an animal goes through in their lifespan. We thoroughly explain your pet’s condition to you as well as the benefits and risks involved with the proposed surgical procedure to treat your pet’s problem. Animals undergoing orthopedic procedures require general anesthesia. 

Orthopedic surgery includes a number of bone and joint correction surgery types. Our list of orthopedic procedures also includes Cranial Cruciate ligament surgery TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) and fixing various types of fractures of long bones.

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